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Lactobionic acid

Product performance and Application

Lactobionic acid is the third generation of fruit acid, which is the mildest fruit acid on the market at present. It is the most advanced fruit acid with many excellent effects including repair, anti aging, moisturizing, antioxidant and skin renewal.            

Strong antioxidant effect: 
Lactobionic acid itself exists in human body. Its strong antioxidant effect has been used in organ transplantation to prevent organs from being damaged by free radicals and increase organ preservation. In medical cosmetology, lactose acid is also applied to anti aging maintenance. It can prevent cell membrane from oxidative damage, and its effect is similar to that of levo vitamin C and gluconic acid.

High water absorption:
There are eight groups of oxyhydrogen water groups in the structure of Lactobionic acid, which can hold a large number of water molecules. The range of water molecules can be from the skin colloidal matrix to the water molecules vaporized in room temperature, and can keep close connection for a long time. The effect of moisture preservation is far greater than that of glycolic acid,, citric acid and gluconic acid. Experiments show that each unit of Lactobionic acid can absorb about 70 grams of water, and the water retention can reach 55 grams. Even the most commonly used moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and sorbitol, their effec of water retention and water absorption are not as good as Lactobionic acid.

Promote metabolism, accelerate skin renewal:
Like all other fruit acids, Lactobionic acid also has the effect of accelerating cell renewal and skin metabolism. It can also promote the formation between dermis matrix and collagen, making skin young and plump.

Moisturize skin and form protective film:
In addition, Lactobionic acid can help the skin form a barrier protective film. It not only gives the skin a soft and smooth texture, its highly moisturizing effect also makes this gelatinous stroma full in moisture of 14%, so that the skin can be moistened and moisturized from it.

Mild, non irritating, safe and non-toxic:
As for the stimulation, in a 14 day stimulation experiment, it made clear that experimental group of Lactobionic acid + gluconic acid caused almost no stimulation to the skin. Its mildness is similar to that of physiological salt water, it is a very gentle and safe component, which is suitable for long-term care for various types of skin.

Repair skin: 
Because Lactobionic acid also has the effect of promoting epithelial formation and accelerating wound healing, it can prevent skin from drying and repair the skin especially for the delicate skin treated after the medical cosmetology such as laser.

Technical information

Trade name:ActiBiso-LBA
INCI name:Lactobionic acid
CAS: 96-82-2
Appearance:White powder

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